Services Agreement

You depend on your HVAC equipment to make your facility comfortable day in and day out. Many things in life need attention and help throughout its life-span for it to achieve maximum potential and meet your needs. Your HVAC equipment is no exception.Wagner Heating and Cooling offers Full Maintenance Agreements that make sure your equipment gets the full attention it needs, year round, before an emergency situation arises.Wagner Heating and Cooling is dedicated to making you, the customer, completely satisfied. We focus on your individual needs, and developing a personalized maintenance agreement that will suit your needs.

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Some of the things that you can expect with a Service Agreement:

Energy Savings – Regular and Proper Maintenance keeps your equipment running as efficiently as possible, saving you energy.

Correction of Developing Problems – We can pinpoint and correct developing problems at the earliest, least expensive time, before equipment fails.

Lower Life Cycle Costs – Over the life of your equipment, you will experience lower total operating and maintenance costs with fewer disruptions.

Specialized Testing – I use some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry to test and service your equipment.

Preferred Discounts – on labor and material and Priority Response Time if an emergency situation should arise.

It boils down to this:Your HVAC Equipment depends on you.
You can depend on Wagner Heating and Cooling.

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